X06: Huge Update

September 27, 2006

The X06 is proving to be very exciting. Recently, quite alot of small bits of information have surfaced.

The next [b]Splinter Cell[/b], currently entitled Conviction, the fith game in the franchise will be exclusive to the 360 (for consoles, but it is coming to the PC as well).

[b]Banjo Kazooie 3[/b] will be coming to the 360, full of old and new characters and plenty of humor.

[b]Project Gothan Racing 4[/b] will be coming next year.

[b]Lost Oddessey[/b] has been confirmed for a release in North America and Europe. No specific date yet.

Exclusive downloadable content for the 360 version of [b]Grand Theft Auto IV[/b], in the form of two “epic” episodes. These will be avaliable sometime after launch.

Personally, not only do my fingers hurt from typing, I am speechless of the amazing games Microsoft is able to present to us. Congratualtions. More to come later!