Xbox 360 $50 Price Drop Confirmed

August 7, 2007

Microsoft announced yesterday that the retail price of the Xbox 360 had been lowered by $50 to be effective on August 8th. This is sure to irk any customers that purchased consoles over the weekend.

The price drop was announced to coincide with EA’s upcoming Madden NFL 08, which is set to be released next week, as well as to prepare for the holiday lineup. It’s August, are we already thinking about the holidays?

This now puts the Xbox 360’s different SKUs (I’ve always wanted to work that into a post) at the following price points:

Xbox 360 Core: $279.99
Xbox 360 Premium: $349.99
Xbox 360 Elite: $449.99

Microsoft also announced that the upcoming Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360s would be carrying a retail price of $399, the previous price point of the premium console. Matching accessories will also hit store shelves in September.