Xbox 360 Class Action Suit?

December 5, 2005

Let me be clear in saying that I am all for the protection of the consumers, but this is just retarded. Filing a class action lawsuit because your $400 consumer electronic device doesn’t work is complete crap. Microsoft has identified a few isolated problems with the devices and is offering to pay to have the device replaced or repaired. They even offered to overnight the defective machine back to the consumer at no cost. I could understand if Microsoft had denied a problem and not done anything to fix the device, but the fact is that they are bending over backwards to ensure consumers have working devices.

The Chicago man filing the suit is calling for a recall of all Xbox 360s. It seems like someone saw an opportunity to make some money. I hope the courts don’t even bother hearing this potential case. A recall would piss off 100% of the consumers instead of the incredibly finite subset experiencing problems.

I didn’t realize that launching a consumer device was going to result in no defective units. Maybe this guy is an expert in the field and could make a better console, but I doubt it.

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