Xbox 360: The Japanese Launch

December 13, 2005

The Japanese launch of the Xbox 360 took place this week and the funny thing is that nobody seems to really know how well it went. [url=]Kotaku[/url] got 2 differing reports from Bloomberg and Media Create. They cited 39% and 28% respectively as the percent of available stock that was sold in the land of the Rising Sun. So which is it?

Gamespot followed up with a [url=]story[/url] that outlines a sellout at the launch party and then says that the launch was off to a [url=]slow start[/url].

One thing is for sure, Microsoft needs to move those consoles. Japan is a virtually untouched market for the computer giant and they have had a very tough time getting a foothold there. With DOA4 on the horizon maybe those 360s will disappear in the next few weeks, but there are a ton of US gamers wondering why those currently unclaimed consoles didn’t get shipped over here to help relieve some of the pandemonium regarding stock issues for the Christmas shopping season.

The other interesting thing is that nobody has commented on sales figures for the US other than they sold “all of them”.