Xbox 360s Getting Cheaper With A New Chipset

July 9, 2007

Rumors of price drops, new mobos, and cooler chips continue to pop up in reference to the Xbox 360. It appears that they make actually be true this time. San Jose Mercury News’ Dean Takahashi is reporting that Microsoft is primed with a 65nm chipset codenamed Falcon. The original Xbox 360 was built on a 90nm chipset and Falcon should help lower costs while also helping out with the Xbox 360’s heat issues.

Falcon is made up of an IBM microprocessor and an AMD/ATI graphics chip that essentially are smaller versions of their predecessors. Takahashi suggests that Microsoft is in the final stages of testing the new Falcon chipset and should have them ready for launch this fall.

I for one would welcome a cooler, smaller Xbox 360 maybe in a slightly smaller shell and possibly with HD-DVD internally. Oh wait, this is not my wish list is it….