Xbox Live Arcade Double Header: Eets Chowdown & Pinball FX

April 23, 2007

Microsoft announced yet another double header for Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday this week with Eets: Chowdown and Pinball FX being the main courses.

Eets: Chowdown includes 120 new levels with gorgeous high definition graphics and tons of crazy characters including Marshomechs, Radioactive Gensing, and Exploding Superpigs. Also packed in this release is Marsho Madness: the crazy, adrenaline-rushing “Eets” action game, where players can play co-op to keep the impending evil marshmallows at bay

Pinball FX from Zen Studios combines the arcade thrills of traditional pinball with enhanced gameplay and innovative features not found in any other pinball game. To set Pinball FX apart, you can use the Xbox 360 controller to move the flippers or you can use your LIVE Vision Camera and wave your arms or hands. It seems like someone sat up and recognized the Wii’s success.

Both titles will be available on Wednesday April 25th at 2AM PST and each one carries an 800 MS point price tag.