XSeed Confirms Wild ARMs 5 For Fall, PSP Plans

March 21, 2007

XSeed, the same folks who brought us the unremarkable Wild ARMs 4 and the sublime Shadow Hearts: From The New World, have announced plans to localize a trio of new games in North America this year, including Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground and Brave Story: New Traveler for the PSP, and what I can only assume will be an interactive apology with Wild ARMs 5 on the PS2.

Also known as Wild ARMs: The Vth Vanguard, Wild ARMs 5 will ship in North America in the third quarter. The game will once again see a return to the desert plains of Filgaia, and will also mark a return of Wild ARMs 4’s wildly uninspired HEX combat system. My hopes for an apology are dwindling.

The other pair of releases, both for the PSP, will bring some variety to the handheld, that much is certain. Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground is described as a kind of real time strategy role-playing game where players create a dungeons and fight monsters for fun and prizes …and also to attract a large demons that apparently has gripped the townspeople in fear. This one this in July, just following XSeed’s previously announced PSP title Valhalla Knights, which is expected to ship in April and which we at Snackbar are making our way through currently.

The other new release on XSeed’s plate for this year is Brave Story: New Traveler for the PSP. This RPG is actually based on an anime, which was itself based on a manga, and was also created by Genji devs Game Republic, so hopes are not being held to terribly high for this little ditty. However, early word is that is a decent RPG, and may merit some attention as the game’s releases creeps ever closes this fall.