Yeah… the bare essentials.

January 12, 2006

It’s not the Hilton. Ok, let’s face it. You’d be better off staying at the Hilton.

Whoops… got sidetracked there. Back to what I wanted to tell everyone. Splinter Cell Essentials has been announced for release on the PSP. According to [url=]Gamespot[/url], Splinter Cell Essentials is going to take place where SC: Double Agent leaves off. SCE however will be somewhat of a prequel in the sense that Sam will be looking back on the past and you will be playing missions that way. It’s said that you may visit settings from the prior games, but the big thing is that you will get to go all the way back to when Sam was a Navy Seal.

As somewhat of a Splinter Cell fan, this kinda excites me. It’s not enough to warrant me dropping $250 on a new handheld, but if enough games of this caliber come out within the next year or so, I may finally cave and get a PSP.

I sure hope that Piniata will be picking this one up since he’s our main PSP review guy.