WP7 Roundup: Hydro Thunder Go, Full House Poker

July 25, 2011

This week, we take a look at Hydro Thunder Go, the racing game with boats, water and terrific visuals, as well as the mobile version of Full House Poker.

Hydro Thunder Go: Tilt control is the main control scheme in Go, and it’s utilized very nicely. Never do you feel as if the boat is out of control. There are two available modes: Championship is your standard campaign mode, and Time Trial allows you to download ghost of your friends’ best times to try to beat. Both give you bronze, silver, and gold trophies, but finishing in the top three unlocks more tracks and boats. (We appreciate that it’s forgiving like that.)

The visuals in Hydro Thunder Go are stunning, and the water physics are impressive. There are some issues with the framerate, though. Still, it’s the best racing game we’ve played on the platform. 4/5

Full House Poker: The Windows Phone 7 version of Full House Poker ties into its big brother on Xbox Live Arcade. Every poker chip and XP earned carries over the XBLA version, and vice versa. Tournaments and quick play are available, with both providing some quick 10-to-15-minute poker sessions. There are also Pro Takedowns, which are the most fun to play. These pit you against one other AI player, each with different tendencies. Some will go all-in every hand and some are a bit slow on the trigger.

Lack of online multiplayer and same phone multiplayer is a bit disappointing. Xbox Live leaderboards are here, but only show friends who have played the WP7 version. There’s also Avatar support and different table designs. 3/5