SBG Game of the Year 2011: PC, DL-only, iOS

December 27, 2011

We continue our 2011 awards by looking at the year’s PC titles, the best of the download-only crop and the top iOS game.

Graham Russell: Magicka’s initial launch was buggy, but it rebounded with patches and became the game it was initially meant to be. You don’t usually see games with such whimsy and arcade spirit on the PC, so it was in many ways a breath of fresh air. It’s a wonderful change of pace from your StarCrafts and your Team Fortresses out there, and worth a look for everyone.

Honorable mentions: Shogun 2: Total War, SpaceChem

Andrew Passafiume: Supergiant Games’ Bastion is game I had high hopes for. Thankfully, those expectations were exceeded more than I could have ever imagined. It’s gorgeous, full of outstanding music, and is damn fun to play.

Justin Last: Bastion is great not just because of the tight gameplay but because of how well the world is realized. It never gets old watching the world rebuild itself as the hero comes near and requires ground to walk on. The narration, which I was skeptical of at first, adds tremendously to the experience as well. It’s really something that has to be experienced to see just how much the voice-over adds to the experience. Simply put, Bastion is the shining example of voice-over done right.

Honorable mentions: To the Moon, Fluidity

Graham Russell: Wow, the production values. If you want an iOS game that looks amazing and has the simple-but-interesting core mechanics to match, check out this “tower offense” title. Disregard the “we’re in Iraq, but there are aliens” thing, because it doesn’t really matter. It’s just a setting that makes the visuals awesome. Heck, if you can’t get this on iOS, play it on a computer, but it plays best on touch screens.

Honorable mentions: Tap Sonic, Grand Prix Story