Lucas White


Sometimes, Etrian Mystery Dungeon likes you a lot. You’re its pal, and it wants you to have a nice time. You’re gonna be buddies for dozens of hours, after all. Other times, Etrian Mystery Dungeon misses out on its morning coffee or something, and takes its frustrations out on you with a targeted viciousness. In sum, surprise! It’s a Mystery Dungeon game! READ MORE


2014 was a messy year for reasons in and around the gaming community (and also just a tough year in general), but the video games themselves have been great. I’ve even found myself enjoying a few more AAA games than usual, despite the tragi-comical bungling of almost every other big release. Without further waffling, here are some video games I played in the year 2014 that I liked to play a lot. READ MORE


After spending some time with (deep breath) Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha’ (whew), I came out of it like a kid stumbling out of a major house party for the first time: overwhelmed, dazed and unsure of what happened, but feeling like, despite the sensory overload, I had a lot of fun. I just wish I could get invited to more parties. READ MORE


Throughout Dynasty Warriors history, one constant has been in place: do not, under any circumstances, pursue Lu Bu. He’ll kill you, probably. But, after so many years of not pursuing him, one must wonder what Lu Bu’s side is. As he lays waste to the battlefield, is his ferocity a reflection of his inner demons? Maybe he’s just misunderstood; he wants to be pursued by that special someone, but doesn’t know how to express his feelings. Luckily for us, Tecmo Koei and Omega Force finally address these burning questions and more in the spiffy PS4 (and other platforms) update, Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition. READ MORE


2013 was a great year for variety. Not only did a ton of games come out, but a lot of different genres were represented as well. There really was something for everyone. I didn’t get to play all the games I wanted to (I imagine a good stretch of 2014 will be me trying to catch up), but I did get to play some games with real lasting power – some of these titles are gems I won’t easily forget.

10. Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Lego games are what they are, and boy, do I love cape books. It also helps that this was my first game of the new hardware generation. A Lego game is a natural fit for the PS4’s early theme (polygons and particles everywhere!), and the Marvel branding allows for an overwhelming number of characters. Sure, I mostly sought after Spider-Man and Wolverine when I could, but seeing adorably goofy Lego forms of unexpected characters such as Howard the Duck made dipping out of my superhero comfort zone a worthwhile endeavor. READ MORE


The theme of Falcom and XSEED’s latest, Ys: Memories of Celceta, is exploration. Series hero Adol Christin has always been portrayed as an adventurer, but this time around, the focus turns away from combat and puzzles and puts most of its eggs in a basket of discovery. It is an interesting take on the Ys formula, but due to some technical issues and a few underwhelming design choices, the Vita debut of the series isn’t as exciting as it should be. READ MORE


Resogun is this generation’s shooter with lots of colors and particles and other fun tech demo-y bells and whistles. It’s a follow-up to the Super Stardust games from developer Housemarque, but holds more of a comparison to Geometry Wars mostly because of timing and placement. While Resogun really exists to make PlayStation Plus viable at launch and show off the PS4’s tech, it’s actually also a great shooter with a unique hodgepodge of genre hooks that work together as a cohesive whole providing aesthetic thrills, challenge and ample depth. READ MORE


“Pac is back,” touts the back of the box, despite Pac-Man not actually having gone anywhere. It’s cool, though; I get the sentiment. Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures is a new cartoon for a new generation of Pac-Man fans, and this is the logical video game tie-in. It’s pretty inoffensive as far as platformers aimed squarely at children go, and has a bit of charm that ensures the game a full-page ad in this year’s GameStop Holiday Guide. As cynical a cash grab this may be, it isn’t without merit. READ MORE


WWE 2K14 is exactly what you should expect from a yearly WWE title, but a lot better. The mechanics have been tweaked to great effect, the customization options are mind-boggling and the story mode adds a healthy dose of history to the mix that will make fans both old and new very happy. READ MORE


The first few days of a major game release are always the best.

If you’re lucky enough to pick a game up on day one, there’s really nothing like it. The fandom is abuzz, every social network is on the same page and you suddenly have plenty to talk about with all of your friends. It’s a rush, enough of one to make the most grizzled of critical thinkers gloss over problems in the wake of that irreplaceable joy of discovery. Then, inevitably, a week passes. This is where longer games are put to the test. Plenty of them pass, but not without a few nasty bumps along the way. READ MORE