3DS Hands-on: Asphalt 3D

January 28, 2011

Ubisoft is porting Gameloft’s venerable mobile racing series, Asphalt, to the 3DS at launch. Without much enhancement, really. That’s not a dealbreaker, though.




Asphalt 3D, much like Ridge Racer, uses real cars and real-world tracks but tries for a more arcade-like feel. Unlike Ridge Racer, Asphalt really wants to be more of a game and less or a race. There are shortcuts, boost power-ups and various objectives, all made for exhilarating speed.

Though the final version could change, the demo suffered from some jaggedness and framerate issues, and all just felt a little more muddled than Ridge Racer. It still managed to feel fun to race through, though, and that’s what matters.

Asphalt focuses on the single-player experience, and offers no multiplayer play. Those who want a lot of racing on their own, though, could be in for a fun time.