3DS Hands-on: Nintendogs + Cats

January 31, 2011

We have fond memories of the first Nintendogs. No, not the part where we played it ourselves, as we weren’t that impressed. No, our favorite part was convincing friends to give their dogs embarrassing names and then watching them say it out loud over and over in an attempt to get the pet’s attention.









So we’re not exactly the target demographic for Nintendogs + Cats. We tried it out anyway, for you guys. We’re the giving type. 

First? There are cats. Cats are like dogs who pay less attention to you. So in an electronic adaptation, they’re essentially Hard Mode. Once you get them doing what you want, though, they’re a little less needy and don’t need as much done to take care of them. We’d understand wanting that in a pet, but if you’re turning on a game, we think you’d want to do things. 

You can interact with the pet by touching the silhouettes on the bottom screen and watching the action on the top one. This is an awkward way to use both 3D and touch controls for the same objects, but we’re likely to see more of this kind of thing as the system matures.

There are more accessories and toys to use with your pet, and it’s amusing to put sunglasses on a cat and watch it walk around, but… what can we say. This just isn’t our thing. You may love it.