3DS Hands-on: Pilotwings Resort

January 25, 2011

Those who loved the original Pilotwings on the SNES (or its N64 sequel) have been waiting a while for the company to return to the franchise. With the 3DS launch, it will. And yes, there’s Rocket Belt.




Pilotwings Resort is set on Wuhu Island, the home of the Wii Sports titles. A lot will be familiar if you spent some time with Wii Sports Resort‘s plane mode. You fly around the island, following various paths and shooting things. You can also glide around and lift yourself with wind gusts. Preferably, though, you will strap on a Rocket Belt and fly around with jets. 

Everything is shaping up to be a smooth, if not particularly innovative experience. Your flying object is small and in the foreground, and the world moves around in front of you and looks good doing it.

In the demo, we also tried out the game’s camera functionality. Certain missions will require taking photos of things, but mostly this is for a leisurely trip around the island for sightseeing. You can take 3D photos of the island and share them with others, which to us has slightly less appeal than taking 3D photos of actual things.

It’s Pilotwings. It’s probably the best first-party game in the launch window. Besides that, there’s not much to say.