3DS Hands-on: Pro Evolution Soccer

January 26, 2011

Ah, soccer. We Americans are bad at it. We try, though, and enough people may be interested in a launch soccer title for the 3DS. After playing it, we know those people will be happy.




The game is largely based on the latest PSP version of the series, with a zoomed-in view of the pitch and a focus on directional controls. Well guess what? This kind of look fits great on a small 3D screen. Things are small in the background if you want to see them, and everything feels dynamic.

Trust us, dynamic is the thing you want in a 3DS game.

There wasn’t much on display here, but the engine ran smoothly and the controls seemed to be intuitive. (Really, we wouldn’t know. We’re bad at soccer. Didn’t we mention we’re American?)

It will be interesting to see what sorts of seasons and tournaments are offered in the initial 3DS offering, but if enough is built around it, this could be one to remember.