3DS Hands-on: Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

January 27, 2011

Usually at a system’s launch, the goal is to put together a solid core experience and leave the frills for later. With Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, Capcom didn’t want to wait.









Sure, the core Street Fighter game is here, and purists will certainly like that. It looks to contain the full roster of fighters, and the movesets are intact here too. In addition to that, though, the team has put together a robust StreetPass-based battle mode, where players can collect trophies and passively take on others. They’ve also included arcade-style challenge play, where someone can walk up and challenge you while you’re in the single-player game. 

There are two fighting cameras, with one offering a traditional experience and the other at an angle to show off the system’s 3D capabilities. While we were worried that the off-center camera was a bit weird, it generally makes everything feel cool, and with a single-player system, there’s no worry that this messes up the opponent.

Finally, for those of us who are generally horrible at Street Fighter, there’s an option for touch-screen-based combos, with two being customizable and the other two handling the super moves. (Don’t worry, purists, you can set the game so others can’t use that against you. You’re probably also the person who turns off items in Smash Bros., aren’t you?)

Mostly, though, it’s Street Fighter, and you know what you’re getting. But even non-fans could give this one a shot.