Accessory impressions: Precision Shot 3

February 3, 2011

Accessory maker Eagle3 sent over their new Move gun shell, the Precision Shot 3. (Yes, that name’s written in Spider-Man font on the box, so the acronym was clearly intentional.) We took it for a spin.




Most controller shells are largely superfluous, but we aren’t the only ones to think a gun shell with a working trigger is something people could want. That’s what this is here, with an optional attachment that holds a Navigation Controller and makes the thing feel like a heavy-duty weapon rather than a simple pistol. The construction is solid, as the team left spots for charging cables and the plastic doesn’t feel flimsy. Our only gripe here is with the navigation attachment, which snaps into place and has a little bit of trouble being taken out.

The trigger works fine, and with games it supports it can be quite fun. Be careful, though. The Precision Shot is designed for Killzone 3 and Time Crisis, and should be friendly to those titles, but if a game needs you to press the Move’s face buttons (like the Move-supporting MAG), things get awkward.

For those who want a gun attachment that feels more like a gun than Sony’s first-party offering, the $20 Precision Shot 3 is a viable option. We’re just sad that we’re done writing this, because now we can’t run around making spy-with-a-gun poses, explaining “it’s journalism.”