Analysis: 5 reasons you might avoid the DSi

October 3, 2008

Nintendo’s new DSi is certainly an intriguing device: larger screens, downloadable content…it’s hard to resist picking one up. There are, however, reasons you should think twice before putting it on your wish list:

1) Don’t Fret: The DSi’s lack of a GBA slot obviously means none of those will play, but it spells the end for the Guitar Grip as well. The first Guitar Hero: On Tour title may have not been a masterpiece, but it has sold more than enough to continue the series, and it just won’t work on the DSi.

2) Wireless-less?: Though it is certainly becoming more popular, not everyone has regular Wi-Fi access. A large selling point of the DSi is the new store for downloadable content, and without access, this becomes useless.

3) Accessory Blues: Inevitably, any accessories that are reliant on the dimensions of the DS, such as styli and cases, will not make the transition. The accessory business is increasingly large and popular, and if there’s one accessory you can’t live without, it might take a while for a DSi version to hit the market.

4) Critical Mass: While it’s likely that the DSi will gain a moderate base upon release, there’s no guarantee that there will be very many titles that take advantage of the DSi’s new features. The current user base is enormous, and most of those people will not upgrade their machine. How many developers will ignore those users to release a game that relies on new DSi features? Only time will tell.

5) Money Matters: The DSi has been priced at around $175 for the Japanese market, and will likely be more than the DS’ current price in America. Trade-in values for the DS Lite are already not that impressive, and will plummet when the DSi launches. If you have neither system, it shouldn’t be hard to pick up a Lite for cheap from GameStop or an upgrading friend.

That said, the DSi is pretty awesome-looking. What do you think? Sound off in the forums.