Crysis and the 10-hour deathmatch

August 22, 2006

OK, well it may not be a deathmatch, Crysis will have a team-based game mode that will supposedly take “up to” 10 hours to finish. You will start with your normal FPS squad, then acquire credits and promotions to get better gear, then take over vehicle and gear production facilities, then raid alien crash sites to powerup your stuff, and THEN you can go take out your enemie’s base. There will be an in-game day and night cycle every 2 hours.

Man, I’d rather have a simpler game with more maps under different conditions. UT2004 Onslaught is about my limit. But I’m also pretty sure I’m not the only one who can (or wants to) devote hours on end to playing a game like this online.

Those people are already playing World of Warcraft. (OK, cheap dig, jeez!)

[url=]Crysis multiplayer to feature 10-hour matches, multiple day/night cycles[/url] (Joytiq)