Download HD content on your Xbox?

February 17, 2006

[quote]A scan of the March 2006 issue of Official Xbox Magazine reveals [i]”that a DirecTV blade might be added to your Xbox 360 Dashboard to accompany the Xbox Live, Games, Media, and System blades. In that blade, you could download TV episodes in high definition, HD movies on demand, and standard-definition streaming DVR (i.e., TiVo) functions.”[/i][/quote]

Apparently Xbox Live may be working on teaming up with DirectTV to bring downloadable HD movies and TV shows to your Xbox. To me that’s a good thing. It’s like they are actually trying to do the media center thing that Sony was always blabbing about, and that some original Xbox owners experienced through modification. Although I am not super psyched about any of the Xbox 360’s main library, features like this and Live Arcade are really the sort of thing that make me want to break down and buy one.

Source: [url=]Joystiq[/url]