Downloadable content for your online battles

June 27, 2006

Two online military shooters are getting content updates this week. Day of Defeat: Source, which I am a huge fan of, is getting two new maps and a new gametype. SOCOM III is also getting a map pack which is free for the next two weeks. After that it will be available from a built-in SOCOM online store, along with future content. The maps will be based on SOCOM II favorites.

[url=]Day of Defeat Source to be updated this Wednesday[/url] (Arstechnica)
[url=]Maps, Online Store Comes to SOCOM 3[/url] (Kotaku)

Call of Duty 2 is getting a mappack on Xbox Live Marketplace on Thursday, too.

[url=]Call of Duty 2 Map Pack Details[/url] (1up)