E3 10: de Blob: The Underground Hands-on

June 15, 2010

The original De Blob student project was a critical darling, and THQ’s Wii adaptation was a fun fleshing-out of the experience. With De Blob 2, the team wanted to make the experience a bit more varied.

The Underground focuses more on platforming elements than painting things, and includes 2-D segments. The world in these levels is much less open, and this is what they were showing off on the show floor. This focuses much more on precision, and we’re not sure “precision” and “blob” really go together. We loved the open world of the original, with the music moods and the activities of different paces. Underground throws a lot more water at you, and makes you solve specific puzzles to advance. 

The game is going multiplatform, so there aren’t any motion controls here. Strangely, though, the other versions weren’t on display.

We’ll reserve judgment until we see more when the game releases.