E3 10: Valkyria Chronicles 2 Hands-on

June 15, 2010

Sega’s sequel to the sleeper PS3 hit is almost upon us. We got some time with the PSP version at their booth Tuesday afternoon.

The team has taken a creative approach to the lower power of the system. Maps are broken up into pieces, a tactic that has been done before, but with VC2 this adds extra strategy of who to deploy on which maps, and when to withdraw troops from one to send to the other. Each small map is still large enough to create strategic situations, so it works.

The game runs on the same engine, with everything looking like a storybook. It’s not as crisp, but it works fine. 

There are additional classes in the game, and team construction is different, but the gameplay is similar. And that’s a very good thing. Without dual analog, camera controls are awkward, but still manageable. Aiming works fine, since time stops, and the other controls are identical to the original.

The game has a new story based around students, and we want to know more, but the show floor’s not the place for that. We’re picking this one up.