Free pizza, Microsoft points, and music download

July 14, 2006

All you have to do is hold a party. This was too good to keep to myself.

[quote]Want to get in on the action? Throw your own Wednesday Night Arcade party! We’ll even help get you started with a Party in a Box. Okay, there’s not really a box, but here’s what we’ll send you:
A free pizza from Papa John’s.
1000 Microsoft points. Use ’em to download Xbox Live Arcade titles!
Free digital music download to get your favorite eighties tunes.

All we ask in return? Take some pictures of your party and tell us who was there and what happened. What did you play? What did you listen to? Did you get pepperoni or sausage on your Papa John’s pizza?[/quote]

[url=]Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday Party-In-A-Box[/url] (