Gamasutra interviews Doug Tennapel

June 7, 2006

For those of you who don’t know, Doug Tennapel is the artist behind some great video games, most notably the Neverhood and Earthworm Jim. He’s also got some good comics and Nickelodeon’s Catsratch under his belt. Although this interview is ostensibly about the new Earthworm Jim game for PSP, it mostly revolves around his general view of the games industry.

It’s really interesting to me to hear an artist (and one I like) say a lot of the things we’ve been hearing Carmack say. Most notably, he seems to think that core gameplay is more important than story and character. While I don’t agree with this 100%, I certainly feel that the truth lies more on that side of the argument than the John Romero “design is law” side.

Anyways, read up if you want to hear a slightly different take of the gaming industry from what we are used to hearing.

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