How much paid content is too much?

August 18, 2006

So I was reading [url=]this article[/url], and while it overstates the case (a downloadable fourth class is purely speculation on Gameinformer’s part), it did make me think of something.

Downloadable content has (mostly) been a good thing, basically allowing small additions to games for small fees. Sort of like an expansion available piecmeal. On the other hand, there has been speculation that some content was cut for initial release in order to save it as a moneymaker off Microtransactions. Certainly, there have been some things worth buying, and some things that aren’t.

On their plus side, paid downloadable content can extend the life of a game that would otherwise be dormant. On the minus side, if the questionable tactic above were shown to work, it might be commonplace to cut down games. I know people like to point out all the free content that a few PC games have gotten, but this is hardly true of every PC game, and console space is a little different. What do you guys think?