Impressions: Abbey Road and Queen DLC

October 22, 2009

This week was a huge one for DLC, especially if you are a Rock Band fan. Not only did Rock Band owners get a huge Queen pack featuring ten songs, The Beatles: Rock Band owners got the first of three full albums to be released this year. Both packs are expensive, but considering how many songs you get and the quality of these songs, both are well worth checking out.

First, Abbey Road for The Beatles: Rock Band is every song that was not already included on the game disc from that album. Songs like “Because” and “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” may be fairly simple to play, but they are also a lot of fun. “Oh! Darling” is the third single track of the bunch, and it is probably the best of the three, especially providing a nice challenge for drummers. All three of these songs stand well enough on their own, but they are not the main draw of the DLC.

The Abbey Road Medley combines the rest of the album, and The End (a song already on the game disc) into one 16-minute song. This is easily the main reason to get this DLC, and it all blends together so seamlessly. The best part is it provides a pretty good challenge, at least more so than any other Beatles tracks have before. It all feels like one long song, and while particular portions of it are not that difficult, it can be a bit of an endurance test for those who are not used to playing something like that. Overall, Abbey Road is the perfect way to get more play time out of the game and it continues to help set The Beatles: Rock Band apart from any previous music game.

The Queen pack for Rock Band is ten songs, collecting the perfect set of tracks that work incredibly well in the game. “One Vision” has incredibly fun note charts for both drummers and guitarists, and it also has both a guitar and drum solo simultaneously, something you rarely (if ever) see in Rock Band. Other tracks, such as “Under Pressure” and “I Want to Break Free” are not the most challenging songs around, but they are a lot of fun to play, especially with the full band.

But the best and probably most challenging aspect from the Queen pack is the vocals. Most of these songs are pretty tough to sing, but at the same time, the vocals stand next to songs from The Beatles: Rock Band as a ton of fun. Playing these tracks on any instrument is fun, especially with a full band experience; you get songs that feel above and beyond the majority of DLC for Rock Band.

Overall, both of these are huge DLC releases for their respective games, and they are both well worth the purchase. Abbey Road provides a truly brilliant medley, along with a few single tracks that add to the experience. The Queen pack gives Rock Band owners ten amazing songs to play, no matter what the instrument.