Is Intel bad for PC gaming?

July 12, 2006

Mark Rein seems to think so, but for different reasons than you might expect. Epic has always seemed to think everyone else is a huge whiner as far as it comes to dual core, so what is Intel doing wrong? Integrated graphics.

I totally agree here. Retailers love Intel’s integrated graphics chipsets because they are cheap, but casual users usually feel cheated by them. Most of my friends don’t understand why their brand new Dell or whatnot can’t play games out of the box. The issue could easily be resolved by tossing in a $100 (more lik $25 to them) low-end Ati or Nvidia card, but the retailers know that their users probably aren’t aware of the difference until it’s too late.

[url=]Epic’s Mark Rein: Intel is killing PC Gaming[/url] (Joystiq)