John Romero Quake 1 interview

July 24, 2006

John Romero may not be building a lot of confidence these days (Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows, Daikatana), but back in the day he was teamed with Carmack as the other guy behind Doom and Quake. This interview brings back some classic memories.

I remember when Quake was going to be an epic fantasy game with melee weapons and a huge world and such. I’m happy with what came out, but I always wondered what happened to that original planned version. It also talks about some of the issues behind the Trent Reznor music for the game. It’s really classic stuff for any Quake fans from back in the day.

[url=]Interview here[/url]

[url=]Romero Gives Another Nostalgic Quake Interview[/url] (Kotaku)