Live Vision: Put your face in the game?

August 18, 2006

Hey, remember Tony Hawk’s putting of faces into games? Well, it seems like there is finally some concrete information on Xbox 360’s Live Vision Camera (the answer to the EyeToy) and it has tools to do just that (only hopefully better). Rad! I always wanted my gruff and studly video game heroes to look like a badly shaven 30 year old man! Hmmm, I guess most of them already do.

There’s also a bit of info on the pack-in game, developed by the people who did the Toysight games on Mac, as well as some information on face tracking technology. I hear good things about the Toysight games (even if they do look like EyeToy for Mac), and I’m a big fan of Freeverse games in general, so if someone gives me a free Live Vision camera I’ll be all over it.

[url=]An Update on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Live Vision Camera Technology[/url] (Gamasutra)