Marble Blast Goes Top 10

February 14, 2006

Apparently Marble Blast Ultra has broken into the Top 10 games on Xbox Live. Normally this wouldn’t be huge news, but I am a big indie gaming fan, and this flies in the face of what the big development and publishing houses have been telling us.

I’m sick of all this talk that only huge elaborate games can make it these days and that costs will just go up to the roof. I often feel that these companies need to learn to be more creative and try new things. After all, companies like Popcap Games aren’t starving.

It’s funny that Marble Blast Ultra is considered a “casual” game, when it so strongly resembles some arcade classics (like Marble Madness). I think a lot of us would be happy with some simple but well designed games, espescially at lower prices. Lets hope the XBL Marketplace proves me right.

Source [url=]Joystiq[/url]