Microsoft event: Kinect-ing the dots

June 14, 2010

Though Project Natal’s new name, Kinect, was revealed at Sunday night’s strange, space poncho-filled event, we had to wait until Monday morning for the rest of Microsoft’s plans.

The new 360 was announced. It is smaller, has a 250GB hard drive and built-in Wi-Fi, and retails for $299. It’s available this week. (Microsoft won over the crowd with free copies of the system.)

We got a release date for the Kinect, November 4, but no price. They’re billing the device as a home entertainment solution, with a slick interface for controlling videos and music. They also showed off the Nintendogs-like Kinectimals, the oddly familiar Kinect Sports, a reworked Joy Ride and the outdoorsy Kinect Adventures. Ubisoft is throwing in fitness title Your Shape, and Harmonix is making dancing game Dance Central.

They showed off a streaming service with ESPN, free for Gold members, that offers interactivity and video on demand.

Microsoft announced that the multiplatform Call of Duty: Black Ops (out November 9) will release DLC only on 360 for the next three years, and showed off a trailer.

They showed a teaser trailer for Crytek’s next project, the 360-exclusive temporarily named Kingdoms.

They also showed off Metal Gear Solid Rising, Gears of War 3, Fable III (out October 26) and Halo: Reach.