Microsoft to make a portable?

March 20, 2006

Dean Takahashi of the Jan Jose Mercury News is reporting that Microsoft has it\’s own portable gaming device and \”iPod killer\” in the works. Sound familiar? He seems to think they are going to make their own take on the PSP.

Check out the original article [url=]here[/url].

I\’m personally not sure that the portable market is as competition friendly as the normal console market (espescially looking at past blunders into the market). If Sony steps up and has the market locked up between them and Nintendo, I don\’t really believe there\’s a lot of room for a third competitor. However, the PSP has some disadvantages in the battery life and loading time department that Microsoft might be able to use against them. A lot will change if the much-rumored 4GB flash PSP makes it to market after E3. At this point nothing is written in stone.

Source: [url=]Kotaku[/url]