More from Itagaki; DOA4 demo on Live

July 25, 2006

1up has an interview with Itagaki up, now that the Dead Or Alive 4 demo has only just been released on live. The most interesting part?
[quote]Is DOA4 really that hardcore? The elementary school kids that come to my house to play are always squealing with laughter as they kick the [omg swear!] of the final boss, Alpha 152S. At any rate, please download and play the game. After all, games are for fun![/quote]
Would you let your kid play video games with scantily clad women in the house of a drunken, punk-rock looking Japanese man? I would. I see no problem here.

[url=]Itagaki Talks DOA4 Demo on Live[/url] (1up)