New Release Watch – 7/16

July 14, 2006

Well, for all you folks who can’t wait for Madden, it may be a good week. Madden surrogate NCAA Football ’07 hits for the major platforms. Other than that, you may want to take a snooze.

[b]NCAA Football ’07 – Various[/b]
It’s Madden’s less popular younger brother about NFL’s less popular younger brother, the NCAA. But it can tide you over, an if you really like NCAA football, there’s nowhere else to go.

[b]Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth – PSP[/b]
This one’s a classic, but still pretty much a game most people have played. If you missed out or long to do it again and have a PSP, you might want to grab it.

[b]Super Dragon Ball Z – PS2[/b]
It’s a Dragon Ball Z game. I don’t know anything about this one, but historically that has meant mediocre fighting games with a lot of flying and huge beams.

[b]Monster House – Various[/b]
A video game about a movie that looks like a video game… I have nothing else to say on this. I predict it will be bad, because I’m psychic like that.

Yeah, slow week other than NCAA Football being iterated. Apparently Pain Killer: Hell Wars for Xbox has been pushed back from its original date I listed of this week.