New Release Watch – 7/23

July 21, 2006

Wow, this is a pretty full week for decent releases!

[b]Tekken Dark Resurrection – PSP[/b]
For those of you who need the latest Tekken fix, you will have to look to the PSP. I burned out on the series a while ago, but I know there are still hardcore fans.

[b]Painkiller: Hell Wars – Xbox[/b]
I know I got the date wrong on this two weeks ago (it was pushed back), but it’s coming now. Seems to be a straight port of the PC version, but there’s no problem with that. Nice budget price here, too.

[b]Warpath – Xbox/PC[/b] ([url=]preview here[/url])
This once-sequel to Pariah should offer some solid and pretty online combat fun. The graphics look pretty solid. I know it’s hardly the only option, but iff you need a nice multiplayer FPS fix on your original Xbox or PC, you’ll likely find it here. It also carries a nice budget price.

[b]CivCity: Rome – PC[/b]
Mixing elements of Civilization with the classic city builder game, this should be a new take on the genre. I understand special emphasis has been placed on the fact that there is an Empire at large for you to trade with and form other relationships. Civ and Simcity fans may want to check this out.

[b]Civilization IV: Warlords – PC[/b]
The first expansion for Civ IV. If you are still die hard on this one, or hoping to give it a touch of new life, it adds six scenarios and a bit more of everything else: leaders, units, wonders, and even new civilizations.

[b]Galaga – Xbox 360 (Live Arcade)[/b]
I am excited about this. I know it’s a billion years old. I still love it.

I also forgot to mention Cloning Clyde last week, and I really began to regret it after killing a few hours on single and co-op gameplay with it last night. I recommend it to anyone who has a 360, and if you don’t believe me, grab the demo.