New Release Watch – 7/9

July 6, 2006

Well, for once we have some impressive games that I can’t make too much fun of. Let’s have a look, shall we?

[b]Chromehounds – Xbox 360[/b]
Giant robots with lots of guns, smashing everything in their path? With Live 16 player support and huge war modes? More please.

[b]Prey – Xbox 360, PC[/b]
Feedback from the demos has been very positive. It looks like 3d Realms has managed to take the beauty of the Doom 3 engine and their own talent and create a fairly unique FPS that mixes it up with some good gimmicks. Supposedly this one even runs bearably on the 360. Now if they could only finish Duke Nukem Forever…

[b]Painkiller: Hell Wars – Xbox[/b]
Painkiller is really a great game. A basic high energy run and gun game, but a great one nonetheless. Let’s hope this new Xbox version manages to keep up the fun of the original.

Hey, I’m keeping it short this week. If you like robots and FPS games, it’s a good week for you.