Next PSP revealed at Sony conference

January 27, 2011

In an event overnight in Tokyo, Sony revealed the PSP’s successor, as well as an Android gaming service.

The device, codenamed “NGP,” features dual analog sticks, a larger, high-res touch screen and a rear touch pad, motion sensors, 3G capability, two cameras and full backwards compatibility with PSP games (downloadable-only, it uses a new storage format). 

The NGP is slated for a holiday release. More details (and photos of the NGP) are after the break.


  • The device uses GPS for its “Near” feature, which tracks games played near you and where you’ve been with the system. 
  • The user interface, called LiveArea, seems based on smartphone UIs, with interchangeable icons and home screens. Yes, the device will support Trophies.
  • Games shown off already: LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted, WipEout, Resistance, Killzone and Hot Shots Golf, among others. A touch-controlled game called Little Deviants was also displayed, as well as wild cards Gravity Daze, Reality Fighters, Smart As and Broken.
  • The game supports all downloadable PSP games. (Keep your old system around for UMDs.) Some games will be updated for new controls, as a dual-analog version of Monster Hunter Third was shown off.
  • Tech specs: 5-inch OLED screen. 960×544 display. 3G data. 


As for the Android service, it’s called PlayStation Suite and, for now, it’s shown off with early PlayStation titles. The framework is supposed to allow developers to make games using this for (supported) Android devices and the NGP simultaneously.

We’ll have more about the system and its games as we approach its release later this year. For now, what do you think?