Nintendo Media Summit Roundup: Wii

October 3, 2008

At Nintendo’s press conference Thursday, the company revealed its plans for the coming months. There were certainly some things that were already announced, but there was also a surprise or two:

Sin and Punishment 2:
In a move that will once again (falsely?) raise the hopes of Mother fans everywhere, Nintendo has decided to give this Sin and Punishment sequel a retail release in the U.S. The company cites impressive Virtual Console sales of the original. Due sometime 2009.

All of these titles are presumably coming in this year, though that’s not confirmed: Tetris Party, with gimmicky variations on the classic; Strong Bad Episode 3, a foray into SB’s musical side; Boingz, by XBLA success story NinjaBee; and indie favorites World of Goo and Cave Story.

Little Mac is back in 2009. See this post for details.

Wii Music:
The Big N has revealed some of the songs that will be featured in the “game.” While players can take on songs by Beethoven or Madonna, we at SBG are more excited by renditions of classic Nintendo tunes. Wii Music hits the U.S. on Oct. 20.

Animal Crossing: City Folk:
The WiiSpeak-enabled sequel doesn’t bring any revolutionary new features, but upgrades what’s there for fans of the series. City Folk releases Nov. 16.

Nintendo also announces the Wii Speak Channel, which essentially allows for Skype-like communication among up to 4 Wiis.