March 16, 2006

Apparently Gameinformer has an article on a game that’s not Halo 3, but does involve Forerunners and the Master Chief. It will supposedly be freeform with the option to ignore or bypass objectives you don’t feel like doing (at a penalty). It will also feature huge persistent worlds. The game will be called “Forerunner.”

Sounds cool, since a lot of this was what Halo was originally supposed to be like (those of you who followed the game from its first public announcement may remember that it went through a lot of changes before what we finally saw). Let’s hope all the extra features make it into the final version this time. Please be aware that this is still very early information, and for all we know could turn out to be something totally different.

Source: [url=]Joystiq[/url]

Admin Update: Joe Honkie says that he can’t find anything about this in any thing related to GameInformer and that he thinks this could very well be total BS. Take this news with a block of salt.