PAX East – Monday Night Combat

March 29, 2010

Snackbar Games contributor Joe Teed attended this year’s PAX East in Boston and is sharing his experiences at the event.

Monday Night Combat is something pretty amazing to be under everyone’s radar until their big reveal at PAX.  Although it looks like a Team Fortress 2 clone at first, closer inspection reveals robot armies that the players have as allies much like DoTA or Demigod, as well as a tower-defense setup.

I’m pretty sure I had seen and heard nothing about this game until it appeared, fully ready to go, in a 6-on-6 setup at PAX.  Each player chooses an archetypal character class and goes forth to duke it out, Team Fortress style, but with the addition of hordes of robots that provide support and backup to each team during the match.  The gametype shown at PAX had each team trying to destroy the opposing team’s “moneyball” over time to win the match, and gave players the option of building defensive towers during the match as well to add in something of a tower defense minigame.  Onsite staff also assured us there would be other game modes available, including a single player or co-op horde-style mode.

The polish of the game build at PAX speaks volumes for the developer, but if there was any doubt, Uber seems to be comprised of people who previously worked on Demigod and SupCom.  The fact that the game is going to be an inexpensive Xbox Live Arcade game is very surprising considering it looks like it compares to more than a few multiplayer games I handed over $50 for.