Prepare for launch: 3DS game trailers

March 25, 2011

This weekend is the launch of the Nintendo 3DS! But you knew that. What you may not know yet is what games to pick up. We’re working on reviewing as much as we can, but until then, we’ve compiled a trailer from every launch game after the break. Yes, that’s 16 of them.

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Pilotwings Resort

Nintendogs + cats

Steel Diver

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

Ridge Racer 3D

Lego Star Wars III

Madden NFL Football

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D

Asphalt 3D

Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars

Samurai Warriors Chronicles

Bust-a-Move Universe

Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D

Rayman 3D

Super Monkey Ball 3D

The Sims 3