Pro gaming finally hits quasi-normal TV

June 6, 2006

It’s the moment I haven’t been waiting for! If G4’s Arena didn’t fix your need to watch socially akward people display their amazing skill at clicking on buttons, USA Network should be able to help you out soon. They just signed a contract with the Major Gaming League to televise 7 unscripted gaming shows.

Now I’m not about to knock the actual training and talent it can take to get the top spots in these game shows, but seriously. Gaming just isn’t that fun as a spectator sport unless you are really interested in the parties involved. I only enjoyed Arena because it was so silly, and it was funny to watch the players lose all sense of self-control when presented with a mildly cute announcer who wanted nothing to do with them. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe people want to see this.

Source: [url=]ArsTechnica[/url]