SB09: Andrew Passafiume’s picks

December 17, 2009

One of Snackbar Games’ traditions every year is to have each staffer pick their top ten games of the year.  We’re so all over the map in our tastes that our lists are never similar.  Today, Andrew Passafiume has a lot of games about punching, shooting and killing things.  Then he has The Beatles.

10) MadWorld

MadWorld is a game I had been anticipating for quite some time, and it delivered on its promise of over the top action and extremely fun gameplay. It has a surprisingly strong story, and very nice variety of bosses and challenges. Although the game may seem easy at first, the challenge picks up quickly. This is a game I believe every Wii owner must have in their collection.

9) Left 4 Dead 2

The original Left 4 Dead is an amazing game in the fact that it is probably one of the shortest games around, but it is also one of the most replayable. The sequel brings us a brand new setting, new characters, and plenty of other new toys to dispatch zombies with. It simply is bigger and better than the original in just about every way.

8) BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

Very few fighting games are as enjoyable as BlazBlue, at least for me. Some might argue that Street Fighter IV is the best fighting game of the year, but I think for me, BlazBlue is a lot more enjoyable. As a fan of the Guilty Gear series, this game seemed like it could be the one to pull me back into the 2D fighting genre. It successfully does that with an incredibly balanced (albeit small) cast of characters and simple controls that makes it easier for newer players to enjoy.

7) The Beatles: Rock Band

The Beatles Rock Band is more than just a Rock Band spinoff; it takes one of the most popular bands of all time and gives them a game that just feels distinct. The gameplay is the same as Rock Band, but with a multitude of amazing songs and plenty of things that set this apart from any other music game. This is a game that will appeal to not only gamers, but fans of The Beatles. 

6) Killzone 2

Many shooters come along, but very few are actually memorable in this day and age. This PS3 exclusive is one of those shooters that is both amazing to look at and amazing to play, and is one I consider to be one of the best PS3 exclusives around. The single player campaign is fairly lengthy, with plenty of epic sequences. But the thing that sticks out the most is the multiplayer, which is some of the best around. 

5) Punch-Out!!

As the original was my favorite game on the original Nintendo console, this has quickly become my favorite on the newest Nintendo console. Punch-Out!! is a game that requires, above all else, strategy and quick timing. Although that may be expected of a boxing title, but this one (while not realistic at all) is incredibly addictive and remains fun, even during the more frustrating fights. 

4) Batman: Arkham Asylum

Never did I think that a Batman game would make my favorite games of the year list, but the time has finally come. Arkham Asylum is the game Batman fans have been waiting their whole lives for. This is a real Batman adventure, with next to no real problems and a true sense of what it feels like to be The Dark Knight. This is definitely a must own, even if you are not a big Batman fan.

3) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Very few games actually feel like a big Hollywood blockbuster, but the ones that do (and actually get it right) become some of the most thrilling gaming experiences you will ever have. Uncharted 2 is one of those experiences, as it not only exceeds the original in every way; it is also already becoming an instant classic among many gamers. And not only that, the multiplayer is a fun time waster way after the credits have rolled.

2) Borderlands

This is probably my biggest surprise of the year, and I’m glad to say that is manages to make a shooter/RPG hybrid incredibly fun and addictive. The unique style sets it apart from other games, and before you know it, you too will be sucked into its creative world full of loot and many, many quests. And then there is co-op, which allows you to bring in three of your friends for some of the most fun you’ll have with a game all year.

1) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Here is a game that not only lives up to the hype, but exceeds it. The single player campaign is fantastic and very intense from start to finish. The Special Ops mode (or Spec Ops) is the most challenging and rewarding co-op mode I’ve played in quite some time, and it really makes you value the addition of co-op during certain missions. And finally, the multiplayer raises the bar once again; I can safely call it the best online shooter, just as the original was two years ago.

Games I haven’t played enough of (but could have made the list) – Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, Dragon Age: Origins, Assassin’s Creed 2, The Saboteur.