Sgt. Pepper’s DLC impressions

November 17, 2009

This week saw the release of the second full album for The Beatles: Rock Band. Although not as popular as Abbey Road, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is a nice addition to the game. And considering the price, it might not be worth it for some, but it definitely expands the game even more with a bigger focus on vocal harmonies than the previous release.

The thing this album provides that you might not expect is a more difficulty, and different, set of songs that are all consistently fun. The album has a standard selection of fun, but traditional Beatles songs as well. Fixing a Hole, When I’m Sixty-Four, and Lovely Rita all provide a nice challenge while giving plenty of new vocal harmonies for the singers of the group. Lovely Rita especially is the perfect challenge for those who feel like they can sing on expert with no problem.

And then there are songs like Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite! And Within You Without You that provide a different experience. They have interested rhythms that may take a while to get used to. While they are not particularly challenging, they are probably the most fun to play, especially Mr. Kite. You will find yourself coming back to these songs the most. And while there is yet another song in the group that leaves drummers out of the band (She’s Leaving Home), it can be fun for those looking for a song focused more on vocals.

This is another excellent Beatles album that could replace Abbey Road as the favorite at parties due to a more consistent challenge and some very fun songs that you will find yourself coming back to more often than most others. And with the majority of the songs focusing on vocal harmonies, it is another good way to include even more of your friends in the band. Overall, this album is another great addition to the game, and well worth the money.

(Editor’s note: there’s also A Day in the Life.)