Sony tries new UMD strategy

February 10, 2006

I think we’ve all noticed that Sony has been having a bit of trouble selling their UMDs. Not a week goes by that I don’t see a new store marking them down or putting them on sale. It’s tough to sell someone a lower quality version of a movie that can only be played on one specific device.

Sony has recently marked out a new strategy for pushing these little discs, and it’s one that most of the rest of us had figured out long ago: sell them with the DVDs. Unfortunately these bundles will come at a slight price premium over the traditional DVD-only packages at $28.95 each, but it’s still a lot less than the nutty $29.99 they were trying to sell the UMDs at by themselves. These bundles will also be limited to a few new movies as they roll them out.

Will this mean brisk sales of UMDs in the future? I have no idea, but I highly doubt it will pull in anyone who hasn’t already decided on a PSP to begin with.

Source [url=]Eurogamer[/url]