The Beatles Rock Band: Rubber Soul DLC impressions

December 16, 2009

The third and final DLC album for The Beatles: Rock Band was released this week, one that is considered one of The Beatles’ best albums by many. Rubber Soul contains the rest of the eleven tracks not already on the disc, and although I’ve said this before, it may be the best DLC for the game yet.

Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) is a vocal focused song with pretty simple tracks for guitar and drums, as are Michelle and Girl (which both focus the most on vocal harmonies). These three are probably the best song for vocalists that I’ve heard in the entire game, and Girl especially has some incredibly simple but undeniably fun vocal harmonies. 

Run for Your Life, The Word, Nowhere Man, You Won’t See Me, Think For Yourself and Wait are all songs that also have strong vocal harmonies, but also contain strong parts for drummers as well. Although these songs are a bit lacking on challenge, they are still incredibly fun. They are easily the best songs in the DLC for any drummers, despite the fact that they may not have the same challenge you might expect from the last two albums released. And also, these songs offer the most balance for all instruments, whether you’re a guitarist, a drummer, or a singer. 

Those drum players looking for a real challenge will need to check out What Goes On, which is probably the most difficult song of the bunch for drummers. For guitarists, the songs are all a mixed bag, generally skewing towards the lower difficulties. Any guitarists of the band may not enjoy this album as much if they appreciate more challenging songs, but the songs are all still ones you’ll find yourself replaying several times.

Overall, Rubber Soul focuses more on keeping the songs balanced for all players instead of having songs that focus more on drums or guitar parts. There are a few specific songs that seem to be the most fun for vocalists, but overall the pack, while not offering the most challenging songs, still manages to give people some incredibly fun songs. And what makes this the best album of the three is the balance of the instruments. If you’re together with three friends, nobody will ever complain about playing any song from this album.