Unlockables more “work” than “fun”

June 7, 2006

Gamer’s With Jobs has a rant about unlockable content and the often annoying amount of effort that goes into making them available.

I normally hate rant articles, but I totally agree with this one. Maybe not to the point of games never having unlockables, but they unlockables shouldn’t be impossible or time wasting to get at. Megaman Powered Up is a prime offender, forcing you to go through some very tedious challenge levels in order to get that last unlockable. It’s also annoying in a game you have played a lot or beat before and no longer have a save for. I know I don’t feel like playing DoA 2 single player again to unlock all the costumes I am missing.

At least on the PSP I can download a save if I feel like cheating…

[url=http://www.gamerswithjobs.com/node/24946]Puritan Work Ethic, How I Loathe Thee[/url]

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