Week in Review: Captivated, commanded, civilized

April 15, 2012

This week we cover the big news from Capcom’s event, along with update news on established titles.

TOP STORY: Lost Planet 3 revealed

Capcom announced during its annual Captivate event that it was going back to E.D.N. once again, this time prior to the events of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. Lost Planet 3 will be a prequel to the series, taking place during the formative days of the colonization. The gameplay will focus on third-person shooting and first-person mech piloting as the other games did. And, as you would expect from it being a prequel, the environments will be strictly icy again, as E.D.N. was prior to the terraforming in Lost Planet 2. Taking the reins on this title will be Spark Unlimited, developers of Legendary and Turning Point.

Resident Evil 6 arrives early, but not heading to the Wii U

Capcom released a new trailer of Resident Evil 6, which contained a plethora of revelations regarding its content. Most unexpectedly though was the reveal of a new release date of October 2. This is a jump forward of more than a month, which should make the wait a little more bearable for fans of zombie-killing. Also mentioned during the Captivate event was that Capcom currently has no plans to release RE6 on the Wii U, despite the fact that the Wii U is likely to be released around that time.

Skyrim is getting Kinect-ed

Bethesda announced that later this month, an update will be rolled out for the 360 version of their best-selling title. More than 200 voice commands will be added, including commands for inventory, hotkey equipping, follower orders, and the ability to use your dragon shouts by shouting yourself.

Civilization V: Gods & Kings release date revealed

Take Two has finally revealed just when we can expect to begin worshiping and spying again in Civilization. On June 19th, Gods & Kings will be released for $29.99 and will bring with it nine new leaders, a modified combat system and a better AI.