Week in Review

This week, Double Fine goes spelunking and we watch the coming and going of games and a studio.

TOP STORY: Double Fine creating The Cave

Double Fine is partnering with Sega to release a new side-scrolling downloadable title on XBLA, PSN and PC next year. The Cave will place players in the role of three adventurers, each with different skills and personalities. We don’t know much about the gameplay at this point, but we do know that where will a medieval castle, an underground amusement park and a nuclear ICBM.


This week, Sly Cooper expanded his thieving ways and we had some rather unusual news items.

TOP STORY: Sly Cooper headed to Vita

At E3 last year, Sony revealed that the beloved raccoon Sly Cooper would be making a return on the PS3 this year. Since then, we’ve seen bits and pieces of information and gameplay that has only served to whet our interest. This week, a new trailer was released that showed that Sly Cooper would also be making his Vita debut at the same time. Like a few other games have done, the Vita version will feature cross-platform saves, letting you play on the big screen or take your adventures on the road. Of course, it will also have touch screen and motion controls.


This week, BioShock Infinite moved to 2013, creating a hole in the fall schedule that other publishers are trying to fill. Above: Max Payne 3‘s releasing this week! Have a launch trailer.

TOP STORY: BioShock Infinite delayed

BioShock Infinite was expected to arrive in October this year, but this week, Take Two announced a delay until February 26, 2013. Specifics for the delay were not given, but Ken Levine, head of Irrational Games, said that it plans to use the time to make Infinite “even more extraordinary” than it would have been. It will also be absent from upcoming game conventions, so that time can be spent on development rather than preparing for public displays.


This week, we have big new game announcements and release date revelations for games in some well-regarded franchises.

TOP STORY: Elder Scrolls Online coming in 2013

Elder Scrolls has been rumored to be the subject of Zenimax Online’s MMO-in-progress for years, though nothing concrete had ever been released, until this week. Elder Scrolls Online has been in secret development since 2007, and is scheduled for a release in 2013. While nothing about the gameplay or story specifics have been revealed, we do know that it will take place during the time when the daedric prince, Molag Bal, is attempting to destroy the world, about 1,000 years before Skyrim‘s events. It will also cover the entirety of Tamriel, including Cyrodiil, Skyrim and Morrowind, the previous provinces we’ve seen.


This week, we have big new game announcements and release date revelations for big games.

TOP STORY: God of War: Ascension revealed

Rumored for months, Sony finally announced the next title in the God of War franchise. Dubbed Ascension, it will be an origin story for Kratos, following him as he takes his first steps toward the events we know him for. Despite rumors of a multiplayer mode, Sony’s product page for it states it will be single-player only. It is set for an early 2013 release.